Each jar of honey has come from only one location so it is single source. We keep our honey in the state the bees intended it. The honey’s taste, consistency and appearance will vary influenced by the pollen and nectar the bees have gathered during its production. It really is a snapshot in time and place.

We have a few remaining jars of our 2019 honey available so if you’d like a jar or two or you’d like to discuss stocking our 2020 honey in your store please get in touch. Honey can be hand delivered to an address in the city centre of York.

We’d love to hear how you enjoy our honey – on your toast, your porridge, or in savoury dishes, tweet us @yonderhoney.


Furniture polish

We are developing a range of bees wax furniture polish to care for and to keep life in your wood. Please look out for announcements on the launch via @yonderhoney.